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Every day, and every year, AI is changing the world. So, what will AI change by 2050?

 Here are 5 ways that technology is transforming our world:

Transportation Sector

With self-driving cars on the horizon and autonomous public transport systems in some cities already a reality, the cars people use for transportation are about to be transformed for many years to come. This change is huge because it will reduce mass transportation’s dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles. Huge strides in this area have already been made with projects like Uber but there are many further developments yet to come.

Health and Medicine

Several AI platforms are already helping doctors diagnose patients and quickly make a treatment plan. IBM’s Watson supercomputer holds the current record for the test that it took to be certified as a medical diagnostician, which is less than one second versus the 10 seconds it took humans. The platform can even understand human emotion and it is being used by doctors in China to help them make better treatment plans for cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. This technology has huge potential to improve health on a global scale, not just in wealthy nations but also in developing countries where there is often a lack of doctors with specialized training due to shortages of funding for staff and training.

Cyber Security

Having computers that can think and learn opens up huge possibilities for this field. To take one example, AI is being used to develop new types of security software that can defend against the ever-changing tactics of online hackers. The software learns to spot anomalies and block them, rather than rely on a pre-determined set of rules. This is big news because it means cyber attacks will be significantly more difficult and expensive to carry out in the future.

Vital Tasks

AI is already helping doctors diagnose tumors, seek out new stars in outer space, and even use paint colors that will make houses look like they are worth more than they are. There are many other examples of vital tasks being carried out by machines already. Humans will become more and more involved in doing these kinds of jobs, but having AI as a partner will help speed up the process and make it much more efficient.

Beauty and Fashion

The ‘halo effect’ has been observed for centuries, with people looking at something and having its attributes influence other things they see. AI may be changing those perceptions forever. Some think that it will make real women look fake and vice versa, while some believe they will be able to create a new type of beauty entirely or have robots that produce fashion designs based on models’ desires or their tastes.