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Sahr Ngegba


An entrepreneur and successful businessman, Sahr Ngegba works in the logistics and global freight industry, and splits his time between London and Sierra Leone.

A descendant of a long line of business owners, it was inevitable that one day he too would own and operate his own venture. He attended university to study aeronautical engineering but even then was more focused on business. While he did really well in school, he took a semester off to return home and focus on developing his first company. However, when the head of the aeronautics department asked Sahr’s parents to have him return to school, he decided to finish his degree. During his time in school, he had the opportunity to work with IBM for a year. It was during this project that he learned how to negotiate contracts, an especially useful skill for a business owner. 

Sahr Ngegba started his career in the global freight industry by purchasing a few UPS franchises in Africa. Then, in 2000, he moved to Sierra Leone to start a freight forwarders business. In the years since, Sahr and his team have worked very diligently in order to grow a prosperous business and gain new contracts and retain their current ones. Running a successful business has allowed him to be able to give back to his country. Not only does his business generate revenue for Sierra Leone and employ a large number of citizens, but he has also started a program to help provide meals for underprivileged school children.

For Sahr, becoming a millionaire was never his motivation to start a business. While having the means to pay bills and support yourself is important, it was never his main focus. Sahr Ngegba is someone who has always been very intrinsically motivated. Achieving great things has always been his biggest motivator. He focuses on all of the details and small parts that make up any project, and finds the most satisfaction from learning everything he can about how something is done, and determining ways to make the process even more efficient. 

As someone who is less of a big-picture person, and instead more focused on the small details, Sahr is fascinated by the technology in his industry. He is working on developing new technologies to help ensure that the integrity of all data is maintained. He is finding a way to create a native environment where tax data can be collected. This environment will make sure that people are declaring their taxes correctly, in turn increasing the rebate of the African continent. 

On this site, Sahr Ngegba will share his thoughts on topics related to technology.

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