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As we approach the end of a busy product launch season for Apple, it appears as though only new Mac and iPad models are left to be unveiled. Looking ahead to 2023, however, brings a flurry of excitement. One of the rumors floating around is that Apple is going beyond iPhones and Apple Watches. Apple is supposed to unveil no less than six never-before-seen models next year. The anticipation of significant announcements for MacBooks, VR/AR headsets, and more is in the air.

MacBook Air

Apple is expected to unveil a new 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023. It’s rumored to be similar in size to the company’s 16-inch MacBook Pro but with a lighter and thinner design. The current MacBook Air measures about 13 inches. The new model will likely follow the same design as the one introduced in June. Apple is planning to present a new iMac that will feature the company’s M3 silicon chip. Other details about the new model, such as its size and design, have not been revealed. The company is also reportedly working on an iMac Pro, though it’s not clear if this will be a standalone product or if it will be part of the M3 line.

Smart Speaker

After the company officially finished its smart speaker production in March 2021, Apple began working on a new model that will be released sometime next year. The new model will be similar in size to the original model but feature better audio. The new device would be powered by the S8 chip from Apple Watch Series 8. In April 2021, it was reported that Apple was working on a product combining a smart speaker with an Apple TV and a camera. It also features various other capabilities, such as gaming, video play, and music, using the company’s Siri digital assistant.

Mac Pro

One of the most anticipated products during the event is the new Mac Pro, as the current model still uses Intel processors. According to various reports, the device will be upgraded to feature the company’s M2 Ultra chip, which reportedly has a 20-core CPU and up to a 64-core GPU. It’s also rumored that the Mac Pro will be offered with an M2 Extreme chip, which will reportedly have a 40-core CPU and up to 256GB of storage.