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Blockchain technology is here to stay. In a world where data security is constantly at risk and the Big Data market only continues to grow, this new technology will provide the much-needed solution for protecting personal information from hackers and potential identity thieves alike. But what will happen once Blockchain meets artificial intelligence?

It’s worth noting that an AI needs training data to learn how to do a task but also needs a blockchain database and access rights to mine that database for such data.

As such, it may take some time for these two technologies to converge. However, some prerequisites need to be met for this merger to work seamlessly. Humans will have to create an AI (or multiple ones) and train it and provide the necessary data needed for it to learn how to perform a specific task.

Once that is done, the AI will mine the blockchain database for all relevant information and act accordingly. But what will it be able to do exactly?

But that’s not all. Indeed, Blockchain Meets AI could lead to a whole new wave of cybersecurity tech. For example, you could have AIs trained by human beings to perform various tasks such as securing IoT devices or guarding smart contracts (to prevent any fraudulent activity). And once the AI has learned how to protect them, it will be able to do that autonomously.

The potential of this kind of system could be huge. Indeed, Blockchain Meets AI could lead to massive advancements in cybersecurity. And that means a lot for businesses and individuals alike, who will be able to better protect their assets and their valuable personal information.

One of the significant advantages that Blockchain has is that it is decentralized. Decentralized systems are becoming increasingly popular with developers due to their inherent security and greater anonymity in transactions. However, there is a limit to how many transactions a blockchain can process, and that number is essentially capped. With scalability being one of the critical problems with current blockchain technology, it’s not too surprising that developers are looking for solutions to this problem.

On the other hand, an AI does not have such limitations and can be used to carry out any number of computations. An AI can also offer more excellent protection than that provided by current security systems and thus could potentially prevent data breaches from ever occurring in the first place.