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Technological advancements are essential to the success of every industry. Regarding the entertainment and tourism sectors, tech can be used to improve the customer experience. One of the most essential factors that amusement park owners consider when adopting new technologies is how to enhance their guests’ safety while still delivering memorable moments. Many of the high-tech solutions that were implemented during the pandemic are here to stay for that reason.

Cell Phones

Social media and smartphones have been game-changers for the amusement park industry. One notable collaboration between cell phone technology and theme parks is the use of park apps. These include live updates on ride wait times and directions to any objects on the virtual park map. Customers can visualize the waiting times for different attractions and restaurants, helping them plan their day and reducing wait times


Virtual reality, also referred to as VR, is a type of computer-generated environment that allows people to immerse themselves in different scenes. It enables users to feel as if they are in the same place as the main character. Various amusement parks have started using virtual reality technology on their rides and water slides to provide a more immersive experience for their guests.

Augmented reality is another type of tech that can be used in the parks to enhance visitors’ experience. It allows users to see and interact with virtual elements in a way that’s designed to strengthen the relationship between the park and its guests. Much like the success of Pokemon Go!, the visitors see an augmented view of their surroundings which they can then use to get further information. 

All-In-One Tech

One of the most critical factors that a theme park should consider when it comes to enhancing visitor experience is addressing issues that can cause frustration. One of the most stressful factors nowadays is the long lines. With the use of technology, places like Disney World have been able to eliminate a portion of this issue. People wear MagicBands or carry cards that serve as theme park tickets, room keys, secure payment methods, and Lightning Lane FastPass extras. Once inside the park, guests can use the Disney app to place mobile food orders that will be ready at specific times. 


Since the pandemic, many hospitality groups have had to rethink how they function. Disney knows that a large part of childhood wonder comes from character interaction. To that end, they are currently working on a soft-body robot that will allow them to interact with humans in a similar manner to movie characters. In the future, robots dressed as movie characters might be roaming around the parks of Disney World and interacting with visitors. According to a recent patent application filed by Walt Disney, they are currently developing soft-body robots that will be able to bring back the magic of Mickey Mouse and other popular characters by physically and mentally interacting with humans.