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COVID-19 pandemic has changed human behavior completely. People are doing things differently from the way they used to do before. New guidelines continue to be issued by governments; hence the post-COVID-19 world will experience tremendous changes.
The following are the new norm for events in the post-COVID-19 era:1. Hygiene will be a top-level priority.
Proper hygiene practices are going to be a priority in every venue holding delegates. Planners of such meetings will have to get a venue that adheres to appropriate hygiene protocols. With a high probability of another wave walloping countries, no one will risk the life of attendees.

2. Effective social distancing.
All events to be held are going to ensure that there is adherence to the social distancing guidelines. Event organizers will ensure both the guests and staffs are socially distant, and their behavior is in line with social distancing protocols. Most of the traffic is likely to be experienced in toilet areas, narrow corridors, and walkaways. Organizers should advocate for self-service check-in points, including registration desks and kiosks, to minimize congestion and contact. Most likely, venues will have many exits as an additional safety measure.

3. Intelligent catering.
A mechanism will have to be put when serving guests with drinks and meals. Organizers will no longer require people to queue to get food. Serving meals will be on disposable plates, and the number of delegates in the catering area will be limited.

4. Emphasis on contactless activities.
To encourage contactless activities, planners will have to embrace technology at the events. Contactless activities will be enhanced by delegates getting touch screen gadgets containing the event program. Guest may be unwilling to get printed badges from receptionists; thus, organizers will use facial recognition gadgets. Guests will not allow security to touch their bags or frisk them; hence the guard will use sensor beacons. Payments will also electronically and before the event.

5. Creating hybrid events to limit physical delegates.
Hybrid events involve two concurrent events happening simultaneously, one running virtually while the other physical event progresses. Many delegates will prefer not to travel and attend physical events, especially now they are used to virtual events. Organizers will also limit the number of attendees as there will be a hybrid event. Many will follow virtually, while few will be present physically in the actual venue.

Inculcating a new behavior among the delegates will be challenging, but event organizers should be patient. They should guide delegates in the new norm habits to ensure the event is safe for all attendees.