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It is imperative for businesses to improve on cybersecurity. There are daily conversations surrounding cyberattacks and security breaches. These problems are increasing rapidly and have become a concern among customers.

Businesses need to improve their cybersecurity structure with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both of these technologies can quickly analyze large chunks of data and prevent cyber threats from happening. Here are some ways that AI can be used to assist in conjunction with cybersecurity.

Detects and Prevents New Threats

The biggest advantage is that AI can detect existing or new threats. It can even prevent any possible threats from happening. Algorithms can investigate the malware, detect any potential threats or malicious activities, and run a pattern recognition before it enters the computer system.

AI-based cybersecurity is intelligent enough to give updated information on global and specific attacks. Cybercriminals are always trying the latest trends. So, IT security teams need to keep up with the constant changes.

Prevents Cybersecurity Breach

AI can also take an in-depth look at the IT asset inventory. This provides IT security teams with detailed information on the applications, devices, and users that have access to the various systems. AI can predict which of these are susceptible to attacks, so IT security teams can improve their efforts.

Improved Endpoint Protection

Most businesses use numerous devices to work remotely. Unfortunately, those endpoints can become comprised. AI has a stringent role when it comes to adding an extra layer of security. AI doesn’t rely on signature protection since it provides a failure to update. Rather, it takes on a different approach by flagging threats and taking necessary action.

Combats Pesky Bots

Bots, like chatbots, have become a part of most businesses. However, there are dangerous ones lurking on the internet. Some of them can take over your financial account to commit data fraud. Bots can wreak havoc on data if business owners aren’t careful.

AI and machine learning know the difference between good bots (search engine crawlers) and bad bots. AI analyzes the data so that cybersecurity teams can change the online landscape. This allows them to set stricter security standards so they can stay several steps ahead of them.


Most businesses tend to shy away from AI. However, it’s an imperative technology for improving cybersecurity efforts. AI provides the identification and analysis businesses need to reduce breach risk and enhance security measures. AI can also identify malware attacks and bad bots before they happen. At this point, there’s no excuse not for security teams not to try AI.