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The pandemic has accelerated digital innovation as millions are forced to stay at home, adapt and adjust their systems, and find new ways to connect with each other. It’s no surprise that there are much higher demands for technically adept talent in 2021, from marketing to operations. If you’re curious what the 10 most sought-after tech jobs this year are, keep reading.

1. E-commerce manager. You’re responsible for making your company’s online sales channels as profitable as possible. Part of this role also involves understanding your target audience and knowing how to reach them through digital strategies.

2. Head of Product. You organize, create, and strategize for digital products. You’ll design and manage product launch development and help plan positioning and messaging for different marketing purposes.
3. Marketing Growth Head. This role develops and executes strategies for new user acquisition through different channels including paid media. You run A/B tests and conduct the reporting to use analytics for business strategies.
4. Business Growth Head. This role uses strategic planning and business acumen to drive growth and development in all areas of a business. The growth head often coordinates with different teams across the organization to expand your target markets and plan launches for new services.
5. Procurement Head. This position overlooks the buying, management, and inspection of business goods and services. It falls under the operations department of a business.
6. Supply Chain Director. This role directs supply chain operations. You supervise the process from acquiring raw materials to reaching your target customer.
7. Open Source Developer. This role creates source code that drives computer program functionality.
8. Network Engineer/Connectivity & Network Engineer. You help manage communication networks. This position requires a computing background and extensive knowledge of telecommunications and security.
9. Security Engineer. This role helps mitigate and prevent cybersecurity attacks. This position is especially critical now that so many companies shifted to working remotely.
10. Technology Director or Head of Information Security. In this position, you oversee the informational technology in an organization as well as the staff who help manage it. Your role involves continually raising the level of security in your organization and educating and informing employees across the organization about security best practices.