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Technology is rapidly growing, and as everybody is doing all they can to stay ahead of time, the business sector is no exception. Most people are turning to online shopping. The new technology is here to stay, and it will continue influencing this market.

There has been a shift in consumer demands, and businesses are working hard to meet consumer expectations. As new E-Commerce business owners, they have to embrace the fact that there is much competition, hence they need to employ the current E-Commerce trends to succeed. Here are some of the emerging trends in E-commerce.

Mobile shopping

More people are using mobile phones leading to the growth of E-Commerce. Today, over six billion people own smartphones worldwide, and statistics show that sales worth $2.66 trillion are trading worldwide.

The growing technology has also birthed more shopping sites optimized for mobile use. Optimizing their business websites for mobile use enables a larger audience to be able to reach it.

Social media influence in E-commerce

Social media sites have new features to enable users to shop online. For instance, Facebook has a new feature called the buy button and an Instagram checkout for ordering items online.

Posting a picture on your Facebook or Instagram business page is not enough. Some brands use social media influencers for marketing their products. Sites like Spotify and TikTok also allow companies to link their online stores.

Mobile wallet

Mobile wallets and payment apps make it easier when shopping online. They should ensure to make the mobile payment app as secure as possible because cases of fraud on it will tarnish their businesses’ name.

Voice search

Google has devised a new way to search for content using the voice-enabled button. A new guideline encourages E-Commerce stores to optimize their content and make it fit for voice search. Today they can use Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and also Siri for Apple users.

Final thoughts

Technology is advancing, and more growth is yet to come. More people will shift to mobile platforms to shop, and social media influencers will benefit businesses. More buyers will prefer paying using mobile wallets. To keep up with the emerging trends in E-Commerce, they have to ensure that their E-Commerce websites and platforms are optimized to catch a larger audience.