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Technological developments in 2021 have their roots in 2020. In light of COVID-19, there will be an advancement in the health sector. Businesses will be innovation based on customers’ experiences during the pandemic. Here are the business trends that you can expect in 2021.

Video Conferencing and Remote Working
People will continue working virtually, thanks to arrays of tools such as Zoom. Video conferencing will gain ground with software like GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts. Other tools promoting remote work include Webex, Teams, and BlueJeans. Employees can share content and interact with sheer simplicity. Bosses can track project, run team building activities, and train workers remotely.

Contactless Delivery and Shipping
Delivery and shipping goods to customers will remain contactless. Uber Eats and Grubhub will continue delivering food without physical contact. China launched an app called Meituan to send groceries to customers. It utilizes autonomous cars that deliver items to customers’ doorsteps, avoiding human interaction. The United States has Nuro, Manna, and Starship Technologies for contactless deliveries.

5G-6G Internet Technology and Apps
Another business tech trend in 2021 is 5G-6G internet advancement. Large companies and startups will develop new applications to enhance internet connectivity. It will get better in terms of speed so that business operations become efficient and effective. Ericsson had branched out to more than 35 countries with 5G internet. In Korea, Seadronix is using 5G to power autonomous ships. The network will reach millions of people this year to boost communication in business.

AI and Industrial Automation
Manufacturing will become easy due to the use of AI, the internet of things, and robotics. Many companies will also use automation in their supply chains due to workforce shortage because of the pandemic. Tech companies that provide robotics are Covariant, Locus Robotics, Bright Machines, and CoudMinds in the US. In China, XYZ Robotics, Roobo, and UBTech Robotics are techs behind industrial automation.

Autonomous Driving Enhancement
There are ongoing innovations in autonomous vehicles in 2021. Tesla’s cars now have automatic lane changes and lane centering. Also, there are new features, such as detecting green lights and recognizing speed signs. Ford and Mercedes Benz are joining Tesla to give customers an autonomous driving experience. New car models will exhibit the features in 2021. People can move around quickly without worrying about their expertise in driving.