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Technology is constantly evolving, especially as it becomes more prevalent in everyday life. No matter how pro or against technology you are, this is the plain truth—especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, is a smart program that can be applied to many different tasks and technologies, both new and existing. It’s become increasingly common in everyday technology over the past few years and will continue to do so in the years to come.


As we ring in the new year, here are some AI predictions to watch out for in 2022.


Language AI


In 2022, we can expect to see language AI to soar in the startup scene. Of all the AI categories available, language AI startups will get the most funding in NLP. This is no surprise because of how important language is to humanity; it’s how we communicate with one another and, as a result, is vital to business in every sector. Among its importance is the ability to automate language, which is where natural language processing (NLP) comes into play accurately. 


NLP has grown quickly over the last few years thanks to transformers, a technology introduced by Google researchers in 2017. The technology is now mature enough to be productized and commercialized, which venture capitalists are sure to jump onto immediately. We can expect an explosion in these NLP startups and innovation within the field as more and more entrepreneurs dip their toes into language-based activities.


Video AI


Video is a huge part of our lives: it documents life events, trains new employees, allows people to teach others new skills, and provides a way for people to be social with one another beyond words on a screen. Over 80% of all Internet data in 2022 will likely be video, so video AI will be huge in making sure video production is taken to the next level. We can expect to see AI tools explode over the next year as marketing opportunities are taken advantage of, improving video search, editing, generation, and much more.


Cloud and Data Platforms


Cloud-based systems are common in many operating systems and make data storage, exchanges, and retrieval easier than ever before. It’s no surprise that 2022 will likely show improvements in the technology. By 2024, synthetic data will likely account for 60% of all data in AI development; by next year, multiple major computing platforms will likely launch new synthetic data efforts as the importance of this technology grows.